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     n. Mythology

Sumerian water-god, of Eridu. As "king of craftsmanship",
Enki was patron of the crafts, creativity and wisdom.

The margin between being merely good and absolutely great is small. Enki Solutions was created to give small to medium sized businesses the technological edge they'll need to be great in today's market.

What makes us tick? We like the fact that our interactive web productions are modeling the future of the medium. We love the feedback that comes from our clients who have had their expectations surpassed.

We love what we do, and we bring that to our projects. We believe our clients respond to that, and this is why we are successful.

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Web Design

Web Design

It takes creativity, experience, dedication and discipline to build successful websites.

The first step to any project we take on is a Discovery Meeting wherein The Design People team members identify measurable goals, ask specific questions about what the site does in terms of functionality and how the company wishes to be perceived on the Web. From there, we can proceed to a proposal that details timetable, process and project cost.



Enki Solutions builds web applications, connecting your database with the world, or just the slice of the world you want. We develop web pages linking the front end (Internet and Intranet) with your internal system (database).

Applications are virtually unlimited, booking plane seats or simply checking vacancies in your motel. It is done in real time, based on the system you currently use (some very old systems may not work!) and is ridiculously easy to maintain and update.



Your identity is your statement to the world. We believe that an identity should be as thoughtful as it is comprehensive. A strong business understands the value of making a good first impression. That first impression is your identity. We'll make sure it is a good one.

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  • 1 Alpha Delta Phi

    The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity realized their site was in need of an upgrade. Using a unique approach to user interface and design, Enki Solutions created a system that highlights the organization's history and tradition.

    The site is made up of movable pieces, almost all of which a were created using photos of the fraternity's "artifacts".
  • 2 FOA Web Site

    Family Orthopedic Associates is a leading orthopedic firm in Michigan. They were looking to establish a coherent, online identity. We delivered an easy-to-navigate environment accessible to the public regardless of where location or computing platform. We also developed a comprehensive publishing system allowing non-IT staff to update aspects of the site using online tools.
  • 3 S.E.L.E.F.

    The education oriented Samuel Eells Educational Foundation needed a simple but informative web presence. The goal was to construct something that provided a wealth of information about the organization, but also kept the pages simple and uncluttered.
  • 2 Burton-Katzman

    Burton-Katzman, a real estate development company hired Enki to devise a web presence that mirrored the quality of their newly completed printed material. The interface was kept simple, elegant and understated. Thus the focus is centered on the photos.
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